All Known Implementing Classes:
BabelNetEmbeddingLinker, BabelNetLinker, BabelNetRdfLinker, DBpediaEmbeddingLinker, DBpediaLinker, LabelToConceptLinkerCombined, LabelToConceptLinkerCombinedEmbeddings, LabelToConceptLinkerEmbeddings, WebIsAlodClassicLinker, WebIsAlodEmbeddingLinker, WebIsAlodXLLinker, WikidataEmbeddingLinker, WikidataLinker, WiktionaryEmbeddingLinker, WiktionaryLinker, WordNetEmbeddingLinker, WordNetLinker

public interface LabelToConceptLinker
General interface for all label-to-concept linkers.
  • Method Details

    • linkToSingleConcept

      String linkToSingleConcept(String labelToBeLinked)
      Queries for a concept and returns a link that represents an entity in the background knowledge source such as the SemanticWordRelationDictionary. Note that the link may not always be something intuitive such as a URI but may also be an artificial identifier that is understood by the corresponding background knowledge source.
      labelToBeLinked - The label which shall be linked to a single concept.
      Concept or null if no link could be found.
    • linkToPotentiallyMultipleConcepts

      Set<String> linkToPotentiallyMultipleConcepts(String labelToBeLinked)
      This method tries to link labelToBeLinked to one concept if possible. If it fails, it will try to link it to multiple concepts.
      labelToBeLinked - The label which shall be linked.
      One or multiple linked concepts in a set. Null if it could not fully link the label.
    • getNameOfLinker

      String getNameOfLinker()
      Get instance specific name of the linker.
      Name as String.
    • setNameOfLinker

      void setNameOfLinker(String nameOfLinker)
      Set instance specific name of the linker.
      nameOfLinker - Name to be set.