Class AdditionalConfidenceByFunction

All Implemented Interfaces:
IMatcher<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel,Alignment,Properties>, eu.sealsproject.platform.res.domain.omt.IOntologyMatchingToolBridge, eu.sealsproject.platform.res.tool.api.IPlugin, eu.sealsproject.platform.res.tool.api.IToolBridge

public class AdditionalConfidenceByFunction extends MatcherYAAAJena
Adds an additional confidence by a user chosen function which gets a ontResource and has to return a double. The value will be computed for source and target. If you want to add confidences for a correspondence then implement your own matcher and iterate over the alignment.
  • Field Details

    • functions

      private Map<String,Function<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntResource,Double>> functions

      public static Function<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntResource,Double> MAX_LABEL_LENGTH

      public static Function<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntResource,Double> MAX_ALT_LABEL_LENGTH
  • Constructor Details

    • AdditionalConfidenceByFunction

      public AdditionalConfidenceByFunction(Function<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntResource,Double> function)
      This adds a confidence by a given function. The key for the confidence is AdditionalConfidenceByResourceFunction (so only use it once in a pipeline).
      function - the function to compute the confidence. Class AdditionalConfidenceByFunction has also some default functions.
    • AdditionalConfidenceByFunction

      public AdditionalConfidenceByFunction(String key, Function<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntResource,Double> function)
      This adds a confidence by a given function.
      key - the confidence key to use
      function - the function to compute the confidence
    • AdditionalConfidenceByFunction

      public AdditionalConfidenceByFunction(Map.Entry<String,Function<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntResource,Double>>... confidenceFunctions)
      Multiple confidence functions. They can be generated by AdditionalConfidenceByFunction(AbstractMap.SimpleEntry("foo", new Function....),AbstractMap.SimpleEntry("bar", AdditionalConfidenceByFunction.MAX_LABEL_LENGTH))
      confidenceFunctions - confidenceFunctions
    • AdditionalConfidenceByFunction

      public AdditionalConfidenceByFunction(Map<String,Function<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntResource,Double>> confidenceFunctions)
      Multiple confidence functions.
      confidenceFunctions - map of functions with a corresponding confidence key.
  • Method Details

    • addFunction

      public void addFunction(String confidenceName, Function<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntResource,Double> confidenceGenerator)
      Add an additional function with confidence key.
      confidenceName - the name for the confidence
      confidenceGenerator - the function which generates the confidence
    • match

      public Alignment match(org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel source, org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel target, Alignment inputAlignment, Properties properties) throws Exception
      Description copied from class: MatcherYAAAJena
      Aligns two ontologies specified via a Jena OntModel, with an input alignment as Alignment object, and returns the mapping of the resulting alignment. Note: This method might be called multiple times in a row when using the evaluation framework. Make sure to return a mapping which is specific to the given inputs.
      Specified by:
      match in interface IMatcher<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel,Alignment,Properties>
      Specified by:
      match in class MatcherYAAAJena
      source - This OntModel represents the source ontology.
      target - This OntModel represents the target ontology.
      inputAlignment - This mapping represents the input alignment.
      properties - Additional properties.
      The resulting alignment of the matching process.
      Exception - Any exception which occurs during matching.
    • createMaxLiteralLengthFunction

      public static Function<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntResource,Double> createMaxLiteralLengthFunction(org.apache.jena.rdf.model.Property p)