All Implemented Interfaces:
Filter, IMatcher<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel,Alignment,Properties>, eu.sealsproject.platform.res.domain.omt.IOntologyMatchingToolBridge, eu.sealsproject.platform.res.tool.api.IPlugin, eu.sealsproject.platform.res.tool.api.IToolBridge

public class ScaleConfidence extends MatcherYAAAJena implements Filter
Scales the correspondence confidence values linearly to an given interval (by default [0,1]).
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    match(org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel source, org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel target, Alignment inputAlignment, Properties properties)
    Aligns two ontologies specified via a Jena OntModel, with an input alignment as Alignment object, and returns the mapping of the resulting alignment.
    static Alignment
    scale(Alignment alignment)
    static Alignment
    scale(Alignment alignment, double newMin, double newMax)
    static double[]
    scaleArray(double[] array)
    static double[]
    scaleArray(double[] array, double newMin, double newMax)

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  • Constructor Details

    • ScaleConfidence

      public ScaleConfidence()
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    • match

      public Alignment match(org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel source, org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel target, Alignment inputAlignment, Properties properties) throws Exception
      Description copied from class: MatcherYAAAJena
      Aligns two ontologies specified via a Jena OntModel, with an input alignment as Alignment object, and returns the mapping of the resulting alignment. Note: This method might be called multiple times in a row when using the evaluation framework. Make sure to return a mapping which is specific to the given inputs.
      Specified by:
      match in interface IMatcher<org.apache.jena.ontology.OntModel,Alignment,Properties>
      Specified by:
      match in class MatcherYAAAJena
      source - This OntModel represents the source ontology.
      target - This OntModel represents the target ontology.
      inputAlignment - This mapping represents the input alignment.
      properties - Additional properties.
      The resulting alignment of the matching process.
      Exception - Any exception which occurs during matching.
    • scale

      public static Alignment scale(Alignment alignment)
    • scale

      public static Alignment scale(Alignment alignment, double newMin, double newMax)
    • scaleArray

      public static double[] scaleArray(double[] array)
    • scaleArray

      public static double[] scaleArray(double[] array, double newMin, double newMax)