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MELT Project Management

Creating a new MELT Release


  • make sure you have the latest commit
  • make sure that the unit tests run on your local machine and that there are no javadoc errors (mvn clean install)


Run: mvn release:prepare -P melt-release,default

Run: mvn release:perform -P melt-release,default

Adding Data to the MELT Repository

  • Bring your data in the format required by class LocalTrack (one folder per test case containing: source.rdf, target.rdf, reference.rdf).
  • Write a SEALS repository using class SaveAsSealsRepo.
  • [requires admin rights] Place Track Data in /data5/tdrs/testdata/persistent/ on wifo5-14 (download server).
  • Create entries in TrackRepository.
  • If desired, add the track to BuilInTracks to create a shortcut in the CLI.

Run test coverage locally

mvn clean test jacoco:report

To do it only for one class/method:

mvn test jacoco:report -Djacoco.append=false -Dtest=de.uni_mannheim.informatik.dws.melt.{the selected class}

then you find in folder target\site\jacoco the corresponding files.